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We offer online divorce representation by a cheap divorce lawyer (ask my wife) for a cheap divorce depending on your needs – whether you have children or not. Paralegals cannot give you a legal divorce consultation or represent you.

As the family law attorney preparing and reviewing all required documents we will insure that the documents are prepared according to your desires based upon the information you provide. With DivorceDeli as your Massachusetts Divorce Law Firm, we will prepare the divorce paperwork as your divorce attorney so you can obtain a flat fee divorce. We offer what billable lawyers do not; a low, flat fee. Divorce can be very expensive, and it is our perspective that this is often an unnecessary expense. At DivorceDeli, you can actually obtain a low cost divorce as an alternative to the fee structures/retainers required by the billable hour Massachusetts divorce lawyers.

Affordable Low Cost Fast Online Divorce, Divorce Lawyer, Legal Advice, Consultations, Flat Fees and More!

Online or in person contact with an actual divorce lawyer, as necessary, who will provide the guidance and information you need is standard.  Talk is free, always!  With paralegals, document preparation companies and many law firms, whether in Springfield, MA or Worcester, MA, actual contact with an attorney rarely occurs. You talk to administrative staff, 1-800 lines and, if you do retain divorce attorneys and get a return phone call, you will usually be charged for each and every phone call.

A person or couples seeking an affordable divorce in any Massachusetts county hires us based upon  the level of service they require. They can select the low cost divorce service based on their needs. DivorceDeli the online divorce Law Firm accepts PayPal and all major credit/debit cards.

This is a departure from divorce attorneys who earn more the longer a divorce lasts and self-help centers, paralegals or document preparers who aren’t attorneys, cannot give Massachusetts Divorce Law advice and legally are not allowed to represent clients.

Online divorce legal assistance; cheap divorce documents by a cheap divorce lawyer. What are you waiting for?

DivorceDeli is a Divorce Lawyer Online Law Firm. Our main offerings include: Child Support Services, child support modification and Child Custody issues including legal and physical custody.


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