Massachusetts Videos

DivorceDeli, the low cost online divorce/family Law Firm has produced a series of divorce videos which explain the issues in all divorces:

  1. distribution of assets and debt;
  2. alimony;
  3. child support;
  4. child custody.

The DivorceDeli Law Firm videos, originally produced for our Florida office, provide insight into the day to day routine of the low cost divorce Law Firm practicing in Springfield, MA, Worcester, MA and throughout Massachusetts with family law videos which include the deposition video and phone hearing video.

For Legal Videos Including Alimony, Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Depositions, Child Issues and More!

The Fox news video shows Springfield, MA and Worcester, MA residents the benefits of hiring the affordable divorce family Law Firm, DivorceDeli. A cheap divorce means not wasting money. Watch the family law videos by DivorceDeli.

DivorceDeli is a Divorce Lawyer Online Law Firm. Our main offerings include: Child Support Services, child support modification and Child Custody issues including legal and physical custody.


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