The Object of our Representation

Certificate of Absolute Divorce (divorce decree).

A Massachusetts Divorce requires a  family law judge to execute the Certificate of Absolute Divorce. The judge will not sign the Certificate of Absolute Divorce unless he/she is satisfied that you and your spouse have settled your property/debt issues and all child(ren) related issues, if necessary.

The Marital Settlement Agreement :

The Marital Settlement Agreement prepared by DivorceDeli is the key document in the divorce process and what the judge will focus on before deciding whether to sign the Certificate of Absolute Divorce (the judge may also scrutinize the financial affidavits and child support guidelines worksheet if you have children). Your Marital Settlement Agreement is prepared based on information you provide in our  meetings and your financial affidavit. The Marital Settlement Agreement will be filed with the court and merged and incorporated into your Certificate of Absolute Divorce. Failure of either party to abide its terms could be punished as a contempt of court.

Note: The judge assigned to your Massachusetts divorce case wants you to take control of your personal affairs and will generally not scrutinize how you and your spouse divide your marital assets and liabilities. If there are minor child(ren), the court must be assured that the child support has been calculated according to Massachusetts law and check to see that all numbers (financial affidavits, guidelines worksheet and final child support number in marital settlement agreement) “line up.”

What do you do now:

  1. Call or email and Get Divorced;
  2. Financial affidavits – Fill them out completely and accurately;
  3. Sign up for required parent class – you and your spouse, if you have children,

Once we receive all required Massachusetts divorce information from you (Skype Face Time, phone or office) we start preparing all required documents including the marital settlement agreement. If you get stuck, email us any questions you have. If we feel a phone consultation is appropriate, we will call you.


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