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The Mass. Divorce rate is 50%+, so the difficult decision to get a divorce in Massachusetts means that you must have adequate knowledge of Massachusetts Divorce Laws. Massachusetts is a no-fault state meaning if you want to get a Mass divorce you will regardless of whether your spouse agrees or not.  If you are on the verge of a divorce, paying a large retainer to a Mass. divorce lawyer to prepare your divorce paperwork is not required most of the time. However, trying to navigate the legal maze of the Massachusetts court system and online divorce world on your own or hiring a non-lawyer to get you through the divorce process could be a disastrous and costly mistake.

Once you have made the difficult decision to get an affordable divorce, you have options:

Self-Help Center at your local courthouse:

Most of Massachusetts’ counties, including Springfield, MA and Worcester, MA, have Self-Help Centers which are not run by a divorce lawyer; rather, the clerk of courts, not a divorce attorney. They cannot prepare your divorce paperwork (marital settlement agreement included) and are not permitted to give legal advice about the Massachusetts divorce process, Massachusetts child support laws or alimony in Massachusetts.

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Do it yourself (pro se’):

You can attempt to prepare all required legal documents yourself. However, BEWARE as you run the risk of doing the divorce paperwork incorrectly, becoming confused by the mass of legal forms, missing time sensitive deadlines, trying to figure out Massachusetts child custody laws and maybe even missing a necessary document which will most assuredly cause delay.

Paralegal or Document preparation company Service:

A paralegal (a person who works for a lawyer) or non-lawyer company that prepares online divorce papers cannot give advice about Massachusetts divorce law. When questions arise (for instance about a military divorce) or you reach an impasse and a court hearing is required, paralegals are specifically prohibited from giving legal advice.   Preparing and reviewing all required documents based upon information you provide can and should be done by a Massachusetts divorce lawyer. The bottom line is that your Massachusetts divorce documents should be prepared and reviewed by a divorce attorney – plain and simple.

DivorceDeli is a Divorce Lawyer Online Law Firm. Our main offerings include: Child Support Services, child support modification and Child Custody issues including legal and physical custody.

Retain an Attorney:

Retainer fees can be very expensive and, in our humble opinion, are not necessary most of the time. An initial consultation may be anywhere from $200 – $500 per hour just to talk. If you’ve got money to burn or simply want to extract a pound of flesh from your spouse, the initial retainer fee may be anywhere from $1,500.00 – $15,000.00.

DivorceDeli, the flat fee/low cost Massachusetts Divorce Law Firm is your best alternative if you are looking for a low cost divorce (some would say cheap divorce) with documents prepared and reviewed by experienced Massachusetts attorneys. Getting a Massachusetts Divorce is a serious matter and you must be well versed in Massachusetts divorce laws in order for your divorce in Massachusetts to go off without a hitch.


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