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Your Mass child support lawyer must be well versed as a child support lawyer.

Child support is the amount of money the “non-custodial parent” pays to the “custodial parent.”

To correctly calculate Massachusetts Child Support whether in Springfield, MA, Worcester, MA or anywhere else in Massachusetts, you and your Mass child support lawyer needs to know the following information:

  1. The number of children being considered for child support;
  2. The Gross weekly income for each parent;
  3. Childcare Costs paid by each parent (usually just your daycare amount, after school care and babysitting, if necessary on account of employment, job search or education calculated to result in employment or to enhance income or current income;
  4. Health Insurance payments made by each parent
  5. Dental/Vision insurance payments made by each parent
  6. Other support obligation, if any, of each parent.

In most cases, child support will be determined by formula according to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines will take the gross income (before taxes) amount of each party, up to certain income levels, as well as the number of children, their age, the cost of child care, and the cost of health insurance into consideration. Child support is non-taxable to the recipient spouse and is not tax deductible for the payor spouse. Child support is modifiable based upon a material change in circumstances.

Mass Child Support Lawyers: Call Steven D. Miller.

Every petition for child support online or for modification of child support shall be accompanied by a Massachusetts family law financial affidavit which shows the party’s income, allowable deductions, and  must be served at the same time that the complaint is served. The respondent (the other party), must also file an affidavit which shows the party’s income and allowable deductions.

Child support enforcement is essential to the well being of our children.  When there are children involved, that is the court’s primary concern. Your Mass child support lawyer must be as well. The children come first!

Mass child support lawyers must help to protect our most precious asset – children.

How long is child support paid?

Usually until emancipation which is when (a) the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates high school (whichever is later); (b) if the child is principally dependent of the custodial parent it may go until age 21; or (c) may not occur until the age of 23 if the child is enrolled in an accredited educational institution.

Can child support deviate from the Guidelines?

Yes, but it is not likely.  The guidelines are presumed to be correct and applicable to all parties.  However, sometimes there are circumstances that may warrant a deviation form the guidelines; for example, a child having special needs, extraordinary medical expenses, extraordinary travel or child-related expenses, etc.

Can child support orders ever be modified in Massachusetts?

Yes, if any of the following circumstances exist:

  1. The existing order is at least three years old; or
  2. Health insurance at reasonable cost is no longer available; or
  3. Health insurance not previously available has become available; or
  4. Any other material change in circumstances has occurred.

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