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Don’t pay for divorce forms when you can get free legal forms and any divorce form for free!

You shouldn’t pay anyone (not even a low cost divorce firm) for basic Massachusetts divorce information. The Massachusetts Supreme Court will provide all legal forms to you for free. The fact is, all family law forms including marital settlement agreement forms can be found online if you have the time and energy to search for divorce forms online.

For Free Legal Forms for Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony, Child Support and Other Divorce Forms Online.

With a simple click or two, you will have the free child support forms and free alimony forms and all the free divorce forms that you need for a Massachusetts Divorce and you can, with enough motivation, complete them and do your divorce on your own – pro se’. What you will not have is a divorce lawyer to prepare and review them based upon information you provide (i.e., cheap divorce) or a one-on-one telephone consultation with an actual attorney, if necessary. Rather, if you accept the risk of preparing these divorce forms yourself, whether in Springfield, MA or Worcester, MA, without proper preparation, you bear the burden of preparing these free divorce papers correctly and will be essentially representing yourself as your own divorce lawyer. If you needed surgery, would you operate on yourself? Do not risk the potential for serious complications by doing your own form preparation of divorce forms in Massachusetts when you can rely on the DivorceDeli staff, the Law Firm Divorce Document preparation Law Firm to prepare all required legal documents correctly.

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You do not need to pay for divorce forms when you can get free legal forms and any divorce form for free at DivorceDeli, the online family document preparation Law Firm.

DivorceDeli is a Divorce Lawyer Online Law Firm. Our main offerings include: Child Support Services, child support modification and Child Custody issues including legal and physical custody.


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